About Me

My name is Jacklyn and I'm a technology YouTuber and the CEO of NothingButTech. My goal with every video I make, is to inform people about new technologies and entertain them. My channel "NothingButTech" currently has over 158,000 subscribers, and over 9.7 million views! Alongside review videos, I also work with incredibly innovative brands like Samsung, Apple, OnePlus and many more to travel the world and create interesting content. Outside of YouTube I give presentations/do public speaking about video creation, social media, growing a YouTube channel, and making it into a career. I've had the privilege of speaking at top universities like Cornell, MIT, NYU and Harvard and I spoke in Belfast at international event called "Power Of Video" and in Portugal at a conference called WebSummit to 15,000 people. During the pandemic, I continued my public speaking remotely and spoke again at Cornell and WebSummit. YouTube is one of the best jobs on the planet and it enables endless possibilities. I'm so grateful to be pursuing this work, and thank you all for your endless support! 

If you are a brand and want to work together, please shoot me an email: Jacklyn@NBTJacklyn.com